I made it into the „Photography on a Postcard 2017“ boxset

Being part of the „Photography on a Postcard“ exhibition at theprintspace London in September has already been a big deal for me. Learning that one of my images will be part of the official postcard boxset is beyond anything! You can buy the set here (100 Postcards by photographers who took part in Photography on a Postcard 2017)

Fun Inc. at Black Box Gallery in Portland

Happy to announce that one image of my „Fun Inc.“ series will be on display at Black Box Gallery in Portland, Oregon from Dec. 1 to Dec. 20, 2017. Thanks a lot to Todd Johnson for the opportunity to present my work abroad.

Concrete Canvas at Praxis gallery in Minneapolis

Thanks to the great team of the Praxis Gallery and Photographic Arts Centerin Minneapolis, Minnesota, one image of my „Concrete Canvas“ series will be on display from Nov 3rd – Nov 30th, 2017.

INCREDIBLE NEWS – and 5 reasons why I am extremely thrilled about it.

Incredible News Reason 1: Two of my images will be on display in London, UK My images „Ball Pitch“ and „Tiny Revolution“ will be part of the Art on A Postcard exhibition at theprintspace in London (12th – 25th October 2017). BALL PITCH Reason 2: Your help made it possible. A couple of months ago, I decided to submit two of my images to a project called “Photography on a Postcard”. As it turned out, choosing the appropriate images to transform them into postcards wasn’t as easy as expected. So I asked a lot of people for help – on social media

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