Incredible News

Reason 1: Two of my images will be on display in London, UK

My images „Ball Pitch“ and „Tiny Revolution“ will be part of the Art on A Postcard exhibition at theprintspace in London (12th – 25th October 2017). 


Reason 2: Your help made it possible.

A couple of months ago, I decided to submit two of my images to a project called “Photography on a Postcard”. As it turned out, choosing the appropriate images to transform them into postcards wasn’t as easy as expected. So I asked a lot of people for help – on social media and among family, friends and everyone I could shove my phone into the face while wildly pointing at the remaining five candidates.

„Ball Pitch“ and „Tiny Revolution“ were your favorites (yes, I am a sucker for lines, too!). And who would have thought that they’ll both make it into the exhibition? I simply cannot thank you enough for your support.



Reason 3: My images will help raise over £ 60,000 to eliminate Hepatitis C.

The two images are part of a fundraiser for the Hepatitis C Trust. Read more about it here.

Reason 4: My images will show alongside some of my photography heroes.
Martin Parr, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jim Goldberg, Dougie Wallace, Edmund Clarke… JUST LOOK AT THIS FUCKING LIST!!!* 

Reason 5: I get to know hundreds of new photographers.
Photography is a great way to communicate – and I am always interested in different views, approaches and techniques. Being part of an exhibition with over 500 fellow photographers is almost overwhelming. I’ve already clicked through their biography pages twice 

What else can I say? I am extremely grateful and happy.

And if you happen to be in London during October 12th and 25th – go see some postcards!

*sorry for screaming – I am just really excited.